Benefit Honoring
R. Dyke Benjamin
and the launch of the
R. Dyke and Marianne
Benjamin Fund

R. Dyke Benjamin
R. Dyke Benjamin thanking everyone for coming and supporting the Association all these years.

On Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014, The Annie Tinker Association for Women launched the R. Dyke and Marianne Benjamin Fund with a benefit party at the Liederkranz Foundation in New York City. Approximately 90 people came out to toast R. Dyke Benjamin, Tinker’s remarkable former President, who stepped down earlier this year.

As everyone associated with Tinker knows, Dyke joined the Association as a young man fresh from the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration. That was back in 1963, and for more than a half-century he never wavered in his commitment to the women that Annie Tinker intended her organization to help. Through the decades Dyke served first as Treasurer, then as President, Chairman, and CEO.

Over those years he inspired many others to support the Tinker mission, and they were on hand on October 15 to raise a glass in thanks to this exceptional leader and his tireless dedication. The evening was truly a celebration of both a man and a cause, and it was a joyous one. Tinker stalwarts E. Ward Smith, Suzannah Chandler, and Phyllis Schless all made very moving remarks and toasts, and Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan, the new Chair and President of The Annie Tinker Association offered a heartfelt appreciation. Meanwhile, guests enjoyed delicious food and abundant wine, and they were entertained by a trio provided by Lester Lanin Music. Some were even inspired to dance.

Brochure for the Event

Most important, from Dyke’s point of view, the evening raised over $52,000 for the newly created Fund, a very encouraging first step in the establishment of a source of revenue that will be used exclusively for the benefit of the Tinker beneficiaries.

We are grateful to all those who donated. Your support will make a difference in the lives of the Tinker women, now and in the future.

Anna-Karin Dillard
Ute Wartenberg Kagan
JoAnn G. Wellner

Florence Fearrington
Beth and Preston Ingram Foundation
Robin Reardon and Norman Nelson
Phoebe R. Stanton

Elena Doria
Kenneth L. and Mary Edlow
Joann H. Hackett
Sheila and Robert F. Hoerle
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Pollock
Szilvia Szmuk-Tanenbaum
Hope H. Tate
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Weindling

The Toast

Susan W. Bynum
Condon O’Meara
McGinty & Donnelly LLP
Helen C. Evarts
Leeds Hackett
Barbara Hayes
Samuel R. Hill, II
Frederic K. Howard
Jane E. Ives
Salonika and Venk Lal
Roger and Florence Liddell
Everett Poisson
Judith Glayzer Raymo
Phyllis Schless
Mary C. Schlosser
Betsy and Alfred Scott
Ward and Carolyn Smith
Peter A. Tcherepnine
Stephen and Mary Tomann
Arete Warren

John T. and Nancy W. Benjamin
Thomas B. Benjamin and Judy A. Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Birch – The New Crossways Foundation
Donald and Susan Brant
Charles and Rosemary Brennan
Stuart and William Buice
Suzannah Chandler
Dr. and Mrs. Michael H. Cohen
Condon O’Meara McGinty & Donnelly LLP
Viviana and Vili Danailov
Eliana DeNormandie
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Dreifus
Norma and Martin Goetz
James I. Harrison, Jr.
David Hendin
John K. Howat
Evan and Andrea Hudson
Ralph M. James
Shirley Ferguson Jenks
Eleanora Kennedy – Shana Alexander Foundation
Eshel Kreiter
Ada Lamont
Christine LaSala
Lazard Asset Management
Amanda Leis
Douglass N. Loud
Margherita and Paul Magnano
Ramsay Moran
Morris & McVeigh LLP
Kathy and Joseph Plummer
Michèle Randall
John R. Reese
Betty Robbins and Moses Silverman
Janet C. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Ruzinksy
Search & Care – Brian C. Kravitz, Exec. Dir.
Alice Schreyer
Betsy and Alfred Scott
Mary K. Snyder
Isabel Spencer
Ellsworth George Stanton, III
Phoebe R. Stanton
Jonathan and Betsy Stapleton
Ida Crawford Stewart
Roger and Helen Stoddard
John Winthrop
Alexander and Marine Zagoreos
Landon Fuhrman Zaki
Christine Zuromskis

The Band

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