Established by the endowment of banking heiress and dedicated women’s rights advocate, Annie Renssalaer Tinker, the mission of The Annie Tinker Association for Women has evolved since its founding during the Great Depression. The Tinker Association was originally intended to be a home for retired women, but the urgent financial burdens of the Depression prompted the trustees of Tinker’s will to begin issuing monthly allowances to a small group of needy beneficiaries.

This legacy of giving back is continued today on a much larger scale, as the Tinker Association now supports more than 25 retired women. Although the majority of the beneficiaries we support are retired artists living in the New York metropolitan area, the Association also assists a handful or women scattered throughout the country and Europe. The Association provides a monthly “make a difference” check to each of the beneficiaries, and hosts regular social and cultural events to encourage communication among members and active involvement in the community.

Our Board of Trustees and National Advisory Council are composed of women and men who share Annie Tinker’s concern for those who contributed so much in their working years and yet are inadequately provided for in their later years.

Board of Trustees – Biographies

Hope Tate

Dr. Catherine Tinker

Sue Chandler
Shelley M. Gliedman
Fred Howard
Ute Wartenberg Kagan
Salonika Lal
Isabel Spencer
Ralph Weindling

Honorary Trustees – Biographies
Dyke Benjamin
Mary Rogers
Carolyn Smith
Claire Whittaker

Business Manager
Michèle Randall

National Advisory Council – Biographies
Anna-Karin Dillard
Sam Hill
Eleanor Johnson
Everett Poisson
Robin Reardon
Phoebe Stanton
Szilvia Szmuk-Tanenbaum
Louise Valdes-Fauli
Landon Fuhrman Zaki