National Advisory Council – Bios

Caroline Newhall is a senior at Trinity College, Hartford, Conn.,
where as a history major, she is writing her senior thesis on the legal
justification and consequences of the military tribunal of Henry Wirz
(commandant of Andersonville prison) for the U.S. justice system.
In the summer of 2009, she interned with the Tinker Association, working
with beneficiaries to live “greener” lives and reduce their energy
bills. She is an accomplished actress and singer, having appeared in
many community and college productions. She is a graduate of the Spence

Rishi Nigam is vice president of Global Strategies and Business Planning
for Group RCI in Parsippany, N.J., where he is responsible for charting
the long-term strategy for the vacation rental and exchange division of
Wyndham Worldwide. He was instrumental in Tinker’s efforts to provide
its beneficiaries with computers and is now involved in budgeting and
long-range planning for the association.

Everett Poisson is the director of the KUA Fund at Kimball Union Academy
in Meriden, N.H. Formerly associate director for external relations
with Harvard Business School, he served as a liaison between alumni and
the school, seeking to build relationships that continue beyond graduate
school years. Before joining Harvard, he was director of business
development for Boston’s well-know public broadcasting station, WGBH
Everett is spearheading Tinker’s comprehensive fundraising campaign.
“The mission of the association resonates with me—the thought of being
homeless and not being able to continue to be involved in one’s
community is powerful and tragic,” he says. “I also admire and am
motivated by the tremendous team that leads the association in its
important work.”

Szilvia Szmuk-Tanenbaum, a native of Budapest, left Hungary with her
mother after her father was shot and killed on the day the Hungarian
Revolution ended in 1956. Moving first to Tangier and then to New York
city, Szilvia attended Queens College, receiving her Ph.D. from CUNY
Graduate Center, as well as a master’s in library science. For 26 years
she was special collection librarian at St. John’s University, nurturing
groups that included lawn tennis materials as well as volumes by
well-known New Yorkers like Edith Wharton and William Dean Howells. Now
retired from St. John’s, Szilvia, who was married to the late Charles
Tanenbaum, continues their interests in books through her activities
with the Grolier Club and the Bibliographical Society of America.

Louise Valdes-Fauli, though born in Maine, spent 36 years of her adult life in Miami, where she was Chairman of the Miami Science Museum for four years and a board officer with an arts funding organization. A graduate of Smith College, with a BA in economics, Louise entered the training program at Bankers Trust and became a commercial lending officer in the Asia Division. Over the years, she has worked for banks and later as a consultant to banks, as well as to orchestras and other not-for profit organizations. Because her three children and grandchildren live in New York, she now spends much of her time in the city, and became aware of the Annie Tinker Association though her longtime friendship with Michele Randall. Louise has already played a pivotal role in the 2011 Valentine’s Benefit. “I admire the goals of the organization and have truly enjoyed meeting the ladies who are part of the Tinker family. So many of them have lived such interesting lives and I am happy to play a small role in making their later years more comfortable” Louise said.

Amy Vecchione has 30 years’ experience leading marketing, sales and
operations initiatives at large and small companies. After earning an
MBA from Harvard Business School she honed her skills at large companies
like General Electric, then moved on to assist young companies like NY
Waterway,, and Lifetime Television. AS principal of
Management Solutions Group, Amy currently advises a wide range of
companies, ranging from tourism and transportation companies to
non-profits, helping them with development of marketing and sales plans,
communications and fund raising.

Ralph Weindling, former president and vice chairman of the Diebold Group Inc.and John Diebold Inc., has performed projects for larger non-profits as well as smaller ones, like the Tinker Association. Diebold is an international management consulting and entrepreneurial firm pioneering the application of information technology to business and Weindling has focused his pro bono work on such matters as strategic plans, organization and operations and grants research and writing.
The clients he has represented include some that the Tinker Association works closely with, such as the Visiting Nurse Service of NYC, as well as such cultural institutions as the Queens Public Library and the National Academy of Design.
Like our CEO, Dyke Benjamin, and others associated with the Tinker organization, Weindling holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.
Asked why he has chosen to add the Tinker Association’s National Adcisory Council to the portfolio of organizations he assists, Weindling wrote, “it is a dedicated group of people fulfilling a real need in a dignified way.”